CRSI Publications Errata

The committees/writers that author CRSI’s publications and documents strive to avoid ambiguities, omissions, and errors.

In spite of these efforts, the users of CRSI publications occasionally find information or data that is incorrect or requires elaboration. When potential errors are discovered, the publication or document may be corrected or expounded upon based on the committee chair/writer and CRSI staff decision to do so. The official change is issued in the form of an errata and made available to the public. Proper use of any CRSI publication or document includes periodically checking for errata.

Errata files are published as a downloadable PDF files for use with printed hardcopy sales.  Applicable errata will typically be included in the next printing. Errata information will be immediately included in digital versions of the publication. In both circumstances, errata inclusion will be noted in the front of book section.