CRSI Epoxy Coating Plant Certification

CRSI’s fusion-bonded epoxy coating applicator plant certification is a voluntary industry-sponsored program — extremely effective at improving the quality of epoxy-coated rebar.

A certified plant and its employees are trained, equipped, and capable of producing high quality epoxy-coated reinforcing bars. The plants are randomly inspected, a minimum of once a year, by an independent third party. The purpose of CRSI’s plant certification program is to:    

  • Help plants produce and deliver high quality material
  • Improve plant operations
  •  Recognize excellence

The certification program is based on meeting ASTM standard specifications for epoxy-coated reinforcing bar. Components of the CRSI certification program are more stringent than ASTM. Areas evaluated in the program include:   

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  • Quality control policies and procedures
  •  Handling and storage practices
  •  Surface preparation
  •  Curing
  •  Holiday testing
  •  Thickness measurement
  •  Adhesion testing

Since 1991, the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute has provided a plant certification program for epoxy-coated reinforcing bars. This certification program has been implemented in over 35 plants throughout North America and is required in over 20 Department of Transportation Specifications. The program continues to develop as new information is obtained on methods to improve the performance of epoxy-coated reinforcing steel.

In 2013, CRSI initiated certification of plants outside of North America.

For more information on CRSI’s certification programs, please email the Certification department or call 847-517-1200 and ask for our Certification Program Administrator.

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