Reinforced Concrete

reinforced concrete example

Reinforced concrete is inherently one of the most economical, durable, and aesthetically pleasing building systems. First used in the 19th century France, reinforced concrete provides excellent structural integrity over a long period with relatively little maintenance. The combination of concrete and steel permits low cost and high speeds of construction making it an attractive material for owners, architect and engineers. 

Reinforced concrete can be formed in an array of designs, finishes, patterns, and colors making it an ideal choice for architects and designers 

Steel reinforcement may be used in concrete pavements and highways and provides a long-lasting, low-maintenance, smooth finish which is competitive on a life-cycle cost with other pavements. 

CRSI has developed online tools to aid design and construction teams. Reinforced Concrete Concept is an online tool for feasibility studies of reinforced concrete floor systems. Reinforced Concrete Explorer presents potential opportunities for reducing costs and improving value based on the selected framing system.