Achieving the desired aesthetic outcome on your project requires well written specifications, mock up samples, and an understanding of the design parameters. Formwork suppliers, concrete suppliers, and product specialists have the experience and knowledge to make your ideas come to life. Concrete professionals should be involved in the pre-design stage to help achieve the desired outcome.

Exposed Concrete

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From modernism and brutalism to gothic and expressionist, the reinforced concrete structure can capture the essence of your project and become a place where people are inspired by their surroundings. Exposed beams, walls, floors, ceilings, and columns can be combined with geometric forms and patterns to create a sustainable and beautiful structure.

Curved Surfaces & Form Lining


Using concrete formwork, curved surfaces can be incorporated into the exterior and interior surfaces of a concrete building to add depth. Forms are made from durable reusable materials that can be fabricated into any curve with typical radii from 3 feet to 60 feet, however the possibilities are nearly limitless so there aren’t many curvatures that cannot be realized using this technique. Form lining offers an infinite variety of patterns that can be applied to exposed concrete surfaces, and it is a quick and cost effective way to add visual depth to any project.


Pigments, stains, and hardeners can help in achieving your ideal finished look. Available in powder and liquid forms, pigments are mixed in with the concrete prior to pouring. Stains and hardeners are used topically. Determining which to use depends on the initial conditions and desired outcomes. Staining and coloring add powerful visual impact in contrast to the standard grey/white concrete projects of the past.


textured concrete

Not every wall, ceiling, or floor has to be smooth or plain. Texture can be added to any exposed concrete surface being troweled, broomed, stamped, rolled, embedded with objects, or etched either chemically or physically. Additionally, jointing impacts the aesthetics of your finished concrete, whether tooled or saw cut. Joints can be finished and colored to meet any aesthetic needs.


polished concrete

Want to make concrete look like marble? Polish it. Polished concrete floors are popular in commercial buildings because they are visually appealing and easy to maintain. Concrete floors can be polished to different levels of glossiness, to even a mirror-like finish. Before polishing, stains, embedments, joints, and colors can be applied to further enhance the appearance.


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Concrete frames allow for clean details when connecting cladding to a building frame, which provides the opportunity to use floor-to-ceiling glass. This design allows for optimal natural light with virtually unobstructed views, giving owners what they want. Another cladding option is the use of precast panels, which can be utilized as an effective, water-tight, long lasting cladding that can be beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain with multiple options available.