Certification for Fabrication of Epoxy-Coated Reinforcement

CRSI’s certification program for the fabrication of epoxy-coated reinforcement is a voluntary industry-sponsored program with the goal of improving the quality of fabricated epoxy-coated rebar.

A certified plant and its employees are trained, equipped, and capable of producing high quality epoxy-coated reinforcing bars. The plants are randomly inspected, a minimum of once a year, by an independent third party. The purpose of CRSI’s plant certification program is to:

  • Help plants produce and deliver high quality material
  • Improve plant operations

The certification program is based on meeting ASTM standard specifications for handling and fabrication of epoxy-coated reinforcing bar. Components of the CRSI certification program are more stringent than ASTM. Areas evaluated in the program include:

  • Quality control policies and procedures
  • Handling and storage practices
  • Identification
  • Coating repair

While still relatively new, this program was created in 2013 and is being welcomed by the industry. The program is evolving as data on epoxy-coated reinforcing steel continues to be collected.

Must-Have Resources

Contact information for all fabricators in the CRSI Epoxy-Coated Fabrication Certification Program.