Corporate Membership

Types of Membership

CRSI offers three types of membership: Corporate, Professional, and Student. 

Corporate membership comprised of Industry (producers and fabricators of reinforcing bar and wire fabric, manufacturers of bar supports and mechanical splices) and Associate (corrosion protection manufacturers and fabricators, general and concrete contractors, placers and warehousers of reinforcing bar, manufacturers of tie wire, furnishers of reusable forms, reinforcing bar warehouses, and more) member types. 

Advantages of Corporate Membership

Market Support

CRSI has a network of Region Managers throughout the United States whose primary purpose is promoting the use of reinforced concrete.

CRSI staff liaises as a resource to the design and construction communities by conducting presentations and workshops aimed at Architect/Engineering firms, state DOTs, and other specifiers. They conduct ongoing market research within the region and present to professional groups such as ACI Chapters, state structural engineer associations, and local AIA Chapters, as well to engineering, construction management, and architectural schools.

Professional Development Resources

A unique training opportunity!

CRSI provides select corporate (Industry and Associate) members with training resources for detailing, while all members receive discounts on fabrication, shop and field safety, and engineering information. The Detailer  Training Program is designed to train and retain efficient reinforcing steel detailers in Members’ fabrication shops.

Get an immediate ROI on your CRSI Membership with this one-of-a-kind program. This is an exclusive offer available only for CRSI members; Fabricator member employees receive FREE enrollment while remaining Industry member and select Associate member employees can subscribe for a three-month period at the introductory rate of $999/per enrollment.


CRSI’s conferences, seminars, educational programs, and social events provide opportunities to build relationships nationally and locally. All CRSI members have the opportunity to participate in the Institute at the National, Regional, and Local levels. The five regions across the US and Canada, along with smaller local chapters in some regions, allow companies and individuals to benefit from a network of members within their own geographical area. CRSI also holds two National meetings each year.

Committee Involvement

We are an ANSI-accredited Standards developer that produces documents impacting your business.

As a member of CRSI, you can join any of our Committees and have the opportunity for your voice to be heard. Our members help to develop industry standards and provide input on industry and association issues. As an approved Standards Development Organization (SDO), CRSI develops and maintains consensus standards for design, detailing, fabrication, placement, and construction of assemblies consisting of steel reinforcement and associated products used in concrete and masonry construction. Learn more about CRSI committees. 

Priority Access to Technical Experts

Our Region Manager network and engineering professionals are here to help you.

CRSI members have priority access to our team of experienced engineering professionals.
Our experts offer day-to-day technical assistance to members as well as to architects,
engineers, and construction professionals, by offering best practices and practice information as well as code interpretation.

Market Research

CRSI conducts market research and acquires market data on a national and regional scales to monitor perceptions and to establish programs that are meaningful and educational.

Industry and Associate members are given access to the Market Dashboard which contains quick reference graphs and the Rebar Consumption and Rebar Forecast reports available for download. The reports are typically updated twice a year and provides reinforcing steel usage in comparison to the overall construction market, both historical and forecasted. 

Continuing Education Resources

Tune into a CRSI webinar or presentation!

CRSI is dedicated to serving the needs of our members, as well as the needs of architects, engineers, and construction professionals, by offering technical publications, design aids, software programs, and educational seminars/webinars. While CRSI’s Region Managers often provide presentations on trends and commonly requested topics, the engineering department often holds webinars on a national level. These webinars are discounted for members and typically offer continuing education credit.


Members receive steep discounts on CRSI publications and webinars.

Member pricing on publications and educational opportunities is typically around 50% off the non-member price. Along with all the other benefits, it’s a great way to save on must-have information.

Most CRSI regions have chapters that not only meet on a regional level, but often on a local level as well.

Interested in Corporate Membership?
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