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As the voice for an essential and dynamic industry, the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) is engaged at both national and state levels — advocating and marketing for our industry’s ability to produce to high standards with a steady workforce, in a safe environment, and with a reliable network of roadways upon which our work products can be efficiently delivered.

With an operational workforce of more than 90,000 across 47 states, the collective membership of CRSI represents an estimated 90% of domestic reinforcing steel production in the United States. The reinforcing steel products such as those produced, fabricated, delivered, and placed by our members are essential elements of nearly every building constructed in the US and approximately 50% of the country’s heavily-trafficked highways.

In order to grow our economy and ensure future prosperity, CRSI staff and members take an active role in looking out for, informing about, and speaking on behalf of industry interests regarding public policy creation and marketplace initiatives. With member support, CRSI has issued position communications, letters of support and opposition statements, both as the Institute and in coordination with coalition partners.

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CRSI Government Affairs

Sean O’Neill, Consultant

There Is Strength In Numbers!

There are a lot of voices in Washington, D.C. Sometimes the best chance to be heard and rise above the rest is to partner with fellow industry associations to present a united front and pool resources. Below is a list of coalitions that CRSI participates in to advance the Institute’s, and the Industry’s, best interests. It is your participation in action items that helps advance the cause. Thank you!

The BuildStrong Coalition is a group of firefighters, emergency responders, insurers, engineers, architects, contractors, and manufacturers, along with consumer organizations, code specialists, and many others committed to building a stronger America.

The HMG is comprised of 11 trade associations whose members provide the materials and equipment necessary to build America’s transportation infrastructure and employ tens of thousands of hard-working men and women in well-paying American jobs. HMG members work across the country with local and state Department of Transportation (DOT) officials on critical public works projects that facilitate the delivery of medical supplies, food, and essential goods that are needed to overcome the crisis.

NACA is comprised of 12 national associations, listed below, representing companies that provide the construction materials and equipment essential to building America’s roads, highways, and bridges. We employ tens of thousands of men and women in well-paying American jobs, and we strongly support increased investment in America’s surface transportation network.

The TCC was established in July 1996 and is a partnership of 31 national associations and construction unions representing hundreds of thousands of individuals with a direct market interest in federal transportation programs. TCC activities have recently included a multi-faceted advocacy campaign aimed at boosting investment in surface transportation infrastructure and achieving policy reforms to improve the efficiency of the federal-aid programs.

CRSI Political Action Committee (Rebar PAC)

CRSI monitors legislation and regulations and advocates for the industry, and our members’ interests, in the political arena in Washington, D.C. The CRSI Political Action Committee (Rebar PAC) was created in 2014 to support those federal candidates who, regardless of political affiliation, are advocates for the industry and share CRSI’s views on important issues. The PAC allows the Institute to build relationships and support candidates/politicians who best represent the interests of our Membership.

PAC Governance

Rebar PAC is the federally registered, nonpartisan political action committee of Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute. The PAC allows CRSI members to pool personal, voluntary financial contributions to support lawmakers at the federal level.

Rebar PAC is governed by a Steering Committees, which is made up of representatives that reflect CRSI member companies. The Steering Committee provides guidance and approval for disbursements made to political candidates.

CRSI pays the full administrative costs of operating the PAC. 100% of PAC contributions are used to support candidate campaigns.