Contextual Architecture

Architects and owners are seeking buildings with unique and appealing aesthetics. Virtually any geometric shape or structure can be created with reinforced concrete, matching a historic appearance or creating a contemporary design that serves as a landmark statement or campus gateway. Concrete can be readily provided with a wide variety of textures and colors.  

Adaptable as Building Needs Change
Using the long-span capabilities of concrete structures, open interior layouts can be created allowing buildings to readily adapt as new tenants arrive or needs change. Structures formed from reinforced concrete can adapt as new technologies or uses are adopted and the open floor space can quickly, easily, and inexpensively be rearranged to new configurations. Increased structural capacity can also be provided at a fractional increase in material cost.

Reinforced concrete can be used to create parking levels below grade or at grade level on top of which office levels can be added, providing a key amenity without adding acreage. Parking structures also can be built alongside office buildings using the same cladding materials and structural systems, providing a cost-effective uniform appearance.