Financial Savings

Fiscal Effectiveness

The costs of a structure involve much more than the materials used for the framing. Savings accrue through using reinforced concrete in many areas:

Better Cash Flow
Using reinforced concrete smaller increments of cash outlays as materials are produced, improving contractor and owner cash flow.

Control Over Construction
The control over construction helps to eliminate large fluctuations in pricing, which allows estimators to better forecast and minimize budget ranges.

Speed of Construction 600x400

Fast Start and Completion
Reinforced concrete structures may be started earlier as concrete and reinforcing steel are usually supplied locally. The building shell may be completed quicker and interior trades can work concurrently while upper levels are being formed.

Year-Round Construction
Construction of reinforced-concrete frames can continue almost year-round and harsh winter weather won’t stop progress. This makes it easier to estimate construction timing and eliminates contingencies in planning.

Low Maintenance
Once erected, reinforced concrete structures require little maintenance, patching, or repair. They have few joints that require inspection or resealing over the buildings lifetime.

Lower Floor Heights
Due to structural efficiencies, reinforced concrete also can reduce a building’s height by up to 24 inches per floor over other structural materials. This may result in significant material cost savings, such as for curtain wall or vertical runs of mechanical and electrical systems.

Energy Efficient
Concrete buildings tend to be energy efficient and generate cost savings in lighting, HVAC, and other routine operating costs.

Lower Insurance
Insurance premiums can be reduced due to concrete’s fire resistance and protection against natural disasters.

Quick Tenant Occupancy
When building occupancy matters most, designers focus on a reinforced concrete system process that gets reliably to the finish line faster without compromising the integrity of the finished structure.