History of Reinforcing Steel

Reinforcing Steel Timeline

Year Event
1910 First reinforcing bar specifications issued.
1911 ASTM A15 published with grades 33 and 50.
1914 ASTM A15 revised by adding grade 40.
1924 The American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) issued its first standard for concrete reinforcement, AASHO M 31.
1928 First hot-dip galvanized reinforcing bar specifications published, ASTM A123.
1947 ASTM A305 published; it included rebar deformation patterns.
1953 U.S. Navy uses galvanized rebar in a bridge in Bermuda.
1957 ASTM A408 published; it covered large diameter bars (no.14 and no.18 bars) in three different grades.
1958 ASTM A431 published; it included grade 75 rebar.
1959 ASTM A432 published; it included grade 60 rebar.
1968 ASTM A305, ASTM A408, ASTM A431, and ASTM A432 withdrawn. ASTM A615 published (replaced ASTM A15, ASTM A408, ASTM A431, ASTM A432, and portions of ASTM A305) with grades 40, 60, and 75.
1969 ASTM A15 withdrawn.
1972 ASTM A615 revised, removing grade 75 rebar.
1973 Epoxy-coated rebar first used in a U.S. bridge.
1974 ASTM A706 published for rebars with improved weldability.
1979 ASTM A767 published for zinc-coated (galvanized) rebars.
1981 ASTM A775 for epoxy-coated rebars and ASTM D3963 for handling of epoxycoated bars published.
1982 The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) published the metric version of standard M31, known as AASHTO M 31M.
1983 Stainless steel rebar first used in U.S. bridges.
1987 ASTM A615 revised, reinstating grade 75. AASHTO published M 284 for epoxy-coated rebars.
1989 ASTM A775/A775M revised to change damage threshold and add anchor profile.
1990 ASTM A775/A775M revised with provisions for repairing damaged coating. FHWA memorandum issued on certification programs.
1991 The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) began a certification program for epoxy-coating applicator plants.
1992 ASTM A775/A775M revised to change the coating thickness.
1994 ASTM A775/A775M revised to change the bend tests.
1995 ASTM A934/A934M published for prefabricated epoxy-coated rebar. ASTM A775/A75M revised to allow a chemical wash for surface preparation.
1996 ASTM A955/A955M published for stainless steel rebars.
1997 Cathodic debonding introduced in ASTM A775/A775M and A934/A934M.
2001 AASHTO issued AASHTO M 317M/M 317.
2003 ASTM A995 revised.
2004 ASTM A1035/A1035M published. ASTM A615/A615M renamed. ASTM A775/775M revised. AASHTO MP 13M/MP 13 published.
2007 ASTM A955 revised.
2008 ASTM A1055 published for zinc and epoxy dual coated rebars.
2009 STM A615/A615M revised, adding grade 80. ASTM A706/A706M revised, adding grade 80. AASHTO MP 18M/MP 18 published.
2012 AASHTO discontinued AASHTO M 284M/M 284. It was replaced by ASTM A775/A775M. AASHTO discontinued AASHTO M 317M/M 317. It was replaced by ASTM D3963/D3963M.
2015 ASTM A615/A615M revised, adding grade 100. ASTM A1035/A1035M revised. ASTM A1094/A1094M published for continuous hot-dip galvanized steel rebars. AASHTO updated AASHTO MP 18M/MP 18.
NOTE: Information based on FHWA Publication No.: FHWA-HRT-16-012