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Amy Trygestad, PE, F.ACI

Vice President of Engineering

Amy began her career with CRSI in 2016 as the Director of Codes and Standards where she identified opportunities, developed strategies, and created code change proposals and revisions to current standards. In this role, she also assisted in the development of new CRSI standards to further building requirements that are supportive to the steel reinforced concrete industry. In 2018, Ms. Trygestad was instrumental in the 2021 International Building Code adoption of the prescriptive inclusion of flat plate voided concrete slab assemblies.

As the Vice President of Engineering, Ms. Trygestad is responsible for overseeing all technical activities performed by the CRSI engineering team. She will continue to serve as the chair of the Alliance of Concrete Codes and Standards, collaborating with allies on code and advocacy initiatives for the reinforced concrete industry.

Ms. Trygestad has over 25 years of experience in the design and construction of reinforced concrete structures. Amy graduated with a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She was elected as a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute in 2014 and actively serves on committees: 362 Parking Structures, 423 Prestressed Concrete (Committee Secretary), 421 Reinforced Slabs (Committee Secretary), 347 Formwork, and 132 Responsibility in Concrete Construction. She was the Minnesota Concrete Council President in 2007, serving on the MCC Board for over 10 years.