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Audi Midtown Toronto

The 2016 Ontario Concrete Awards recognize design and construction innovation and excellence using the industry’s most ubiquitous material, and in a variety of different building types and applications. For Structural Design Innovation, the award went to the Audi Midtown Toronto building.

Audi Midtown Toronto is based on the new “Terminal Design” from Audi Auto Group and serves as the Canadian flagship store. Located at one of the most heavily traveled areas of Toronto, the 401/404 interchange, Audi had the opportunity to create a distinctive structure that would be highly visible in the urban landscape. This seven-story reinforced concrete structure utilized roughly 8,500 m3 of concrete of varying strengths (testing verified one element reaching 113 MPa at 28 days).

The Audi building exudes strength through its monolithic structure beneath a multi-faceted lightweight aluminum cladding. The jewel of the structure is the “Spiral Interchange” ramp which allows cars to ascend the building in a compact footprint. The spiral ramp acts as the main conduit into the building for accessing the service bays. The design of the ramp is a chandelier where slabs below are hung from above utilizing a complex arrangement of reinforcing steel and strategically placed control joints.

The structure has sales on its lower levels, offices on the third level, vehicle service bays on the fourth, and parking on the top three floors. Stacking the different occupancies on top of each other created design challenges, with the sales areas needing large and open column-free spaces, while the service areas and parking above required bays.

The many diverse functions are housed in a simple rectilinear form arranged on the site to best take advantage of viewpoints from the highways and from the neighboring commercial areas. The standard Audi terminal cladding—a custom corrugated, perforated metal profile—is used in combination with curtainwall for the showrooms and several backing elements that create degrees of transparency and opacity for the various program functions, creating a dynamic image for Audi, both day and night, at this significant Toronto location.

This project required many transfer columns and complex detailing. The design and build team for this project included Read Jones Christoffersen engineers, Teeple Architects, and Eastern Construction.

Project Details


Toronto, Ontario, Canada




Teeple Architects


Read Jones Christofferson

General Contractor:

Eastern Construction

Total Project Cost:

$33 million (CAN)

Total Project Size:

80,000 sq ft


2016 Ontario Concrete Awards