Reinforced Concrete Concept

An Online Tool for Preliminary Floor System Design

CRSI’s Reinforced Concrete Concept is an online tool for preliminary slab design that provides design and construction teams with comparative evaluations and estimates for the most popular reinforced concrete structural floor systems.

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The program considers the following slab systems:

  • Flat Slab
  • Flat Plate
  • Wide Module Joist
  • Waffle Slab (Two-Way Pan Joist)
  • One-Way Beam (Supported Slab)
  • Voided Flat Plate (Voided Slab)

The user inputs the following design information including:

  • Superimposed live and dead loads
  • Concrete compressive strength f′c
  • Concrete unit weight
  • Reinforcing steel yield strength and sizes
  • Concrete, placing, finishing and curing costs
  • Reinforcing steel in-place costs
  • Formwork costs
  • Column dimensions
  • Column spacing
  • Slab thickness
  • Drop panel thickness

After processing, the program provides the following information, which can be used to determine appropriate designs for full analysis, including:

  • Material Quantities including bars, concrete and formwork
  • Concrete and reinforcing steel costs

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