Transportation Solutions

From the early days of dirt roads and canals to railroads to modern freeways, the growth, vitality, and global economic leadership of America has been predicated on commerce; which in turn is dependent on an efficient transportation system. Steel reinforced concrete has been one the most important and enduring products used in this system.

Nearly 75% of our bridges are made from reinforced concrete. Many of our pavements are made from concrete, carrying huge amounts of America's commerce. Transportation safety is many times improved with concrete medium barriers and safety parapets, made of steel reinforced concrete.

Steel reinforced concrete has been a durable, strong, and low-maintenance construction choice for vital transportation infrastructure for over 100 years. For today's highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, transit facilities and other structures, steel reinforced concrete is an economical, durable and aesthetically versatile construction product.

  • It is adaptable to available budget, construction restraints, and life-cycle costs
  • Materials are locally available and adapatable
  • An educated workforce assures high quality design and construction

Today, transportation is at a crossroads. America is still growing. We expect a 33% population growth over the next 25 years. We anticipate a 40% increase in freight traffic over that same period. Reinforced concrete construction helps to minimize congestion and closures of facilities by limiting repair cycles as well as being environmentally sensitive, sustainable, and aids in reducing adverse global climate impacts.