Durability is Key to Reinforced Concrete Bridges

The first reinforced concrete bridge in America was the Alvord Lake Bridge, built in 1889 by Ernest L. Ransome. This 64 foot wide single arch bridge spans 20 feet over a pedestrian entrance to San Francisco's Golden Gate park. The Alvord Lake Bridge, survived the 1906 earthquake and fire in remarkable shape, supporting the durability of concrete bridges.

In 2013, over 400,000 concrete bridges were documented in the National Bridge Inventory within North America, and concrete is the most commonly prescribed material for construction of concrete bridges.

Concrete bridges have the following attributes:
  • Adaptable to site conditions
  • Resilient against hurricanes, tornados, floods and earthquakes
  • Long term durability in both northern and southern climates
  • Low Maintenance during extended service lives
  • Ability for rapid construction
  • Economical
  • Flexibility in design and construction
  • Ability to incorporate aesthetic features such as color, shape, texture, design or patents.