Buildings that Endure and Adapt

Concrete has been used for the construction of concrete buildings for over 120 years. It is the material of choice due to its ability to withstand forces, its rapid construction and its inherent characteristics, such as fire protection and noise suppression. Concrete has been used in many types of buildings including apartments and condominiums, office towers and medical facilities worldwide. The current tallest building in the world, Burg Dubai, has a height of 2725 feet and is constructed of reinforced concrete.

Ward's Castle, on the border of New York and Connecticut, was constructed using reinforced concrete structure in the 1870s. The fire-proof building is made entirely of reinforced concrete, from the foundation to the mansard roof that caps the two-story main block.

In 1903, the first concrete high-rise was built in Cincinnati, OH. The 16-story Ingalls Building was considered a daring engineering feat at the time, but its success contributed to the acceptance of concrete construction in high-rise buildings in the United States. The builder chose concrete because it was fireproof and it would be less expensive to build a structure of this size with concrete than with steel. Still in use today, the building was designated a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Other early example of buildings using concrete included the 18-story Medical Arts Building opened in downtown Dallas in 1922 and the 22-story Detroit Towers, Detroit, Michigan, also constructed in 1922.

Other notable buildings constructed from concrete include: