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Epoxy-Coated Reinforced Bars

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Epoxy-Coated Reinforced Bars

The Epoxy Interest Group (EIG) of CRSI operates within the charter of CRSI, but promotes and markets fusion bonded epoxy-coated reinforcing steel bars (FBECR) and serves to create awareness and interest in epoxy-coated reinforcing steel and its important benefits for DOT’s, engineering specifiers and contractors. The mission of this Group is to promote the use and advance the quality of epoxy-coated steel reinforcing bars.


Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Bars have been proven effective as corrosion protection in real world conditions from coast to coast for over 35 years. This impressive experience is matched only by stainless steel as effective corrosion protection methodology. Visit the Epoxy Interest Group (EIG) website at for details and more information on project applications or epoxy-coated reinforcing bar (rebar).

Epoxy Coated Bar Applications

Since 1973, epoxy-coated steel reinforcing bars have been used in many locations subject to corrosive conditions. These conditions include exposure to deicing salts or brackish marine waters.

Bridges: In 2008, there were over 60,000 bridges in the National Bridge Inventory that contained epoxy-coated steel reinforcing bar. For over 35 years, epoxy-coated steel reinforcing bars have demonstrated that they can cost-effectively improve the life-cycle costs of concrete bridge decks.

Parking Structures: At least $600 million is spent yearly to repair parking decks in the U.S. This damage is primarily caused by deicing salts carried on vehicles and left in garages during winter. Epoxy-coated steel reinforcing bars can protect these structures against corrosion and costly damage.

Pavements: Epoxy-coated steel reinforcing bars may be used in continuously reinforced concrete pavements (CRCP). Epoxy-coated dowel bars are frequently used in jointed pavements. In 2005, a survey of 33 transportation agencies revealed that 26 of them used epoxy-coated dowels.

Marine Structures: Epoxy-coated steel reinforcing bar has demonstrated in marine waters that it can help reduce the damage caused by potential future corrosion.

Repair: Epoxy-coated steel reinforcing bars have been used to supplement existing steel reinforcing bars during repair. These coated bars reduce the cathode effect of these bars in the electrochemical process, thus minimizing the risk of the “ring anode” corrosion effect surrounding repair areas.

Epoxy-coated reinforcing bars provide cost effective corrosion resistance that extend the service life of concrete structures. Epoxy-coated bars and mechanical splices are available nationwide from CRSI certified plants.


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