The reinforced concrete industry actively supports the transparent reporting of environmental impacts associated with construction products. Many rating systems (LEED V4), standards (ASHRAE 189.1) and green building codes (IgCC) require the submission of environmental product declarations (EPDs) for products delivered to the project site. These EPDs rely on the results of life-cycle assessments to provide information on a number of environmental impacts related to the manufacture of the product, including global warming potential, ozone depletion, acidification, eutrophication and ozone creation.

This EPD for steel reinforcement, which covers the product life cycle from cradle to fabricator gate, satisfies the submission requirements for programs such as LEED and Green Globes. Based on the rules spelled out in the ISO standards relative to EPDs, they can only be used by firms who participated in the development of the EPD through membership in the producing organization. THE SUBMITTING ORGANIZATION OF THE EPD MUST BE VERIFIED AS A CURRENT CRSI FABRICATOR MEMBER AS LISTED BELOW.

MEMBERS ONLY: Click here to download the EPD document (login required).

For that reason, an EPD  can only be submitted for project credit by firms that were CRSI members at the time of its development or who have subsequently joined CRSI and submitted environmental impact data relative to their mill/shop. They cannot be submitted for project credit by a fabricator who does not meet these qualifications. In addition, these EPDs can only be used for mill material produced in North America. For fabricated steel reinforcement the EPD can only be used for domestic material produced by a current CRSI Member.

CRSI Fabricator Members authorized to submit this EPD in fulfillment of LEED project requirements include:
(UPDATED 09/01/19)

ABC Coating Company of Illinois
ABC Coating Company of Michigan
ABC Coating Company of Minnesota
ABC Coating Company, Inc.
Addison Construction Supply, Inc.
AH Harris Construction Supplies
Akron Rebar Company
Amber Steel Company
American Rebar Fabricators
American Steel Fabrication, Inc.
Barton Malow Company
Bec-Don, Inc.
Bellis Steel Company, Inc.
Black Swamp Steel Inc.
C T Sales, Inc.
Camblin Steel Service, Inc.
Central Steel Supply Co. Inc.
CFS Steel Company
Cleveland Rebar Company
Columbia Basin Rebar Inc./A Harris Rebar Co.
Commercial Metals Company
Conco Reinforcing Steel
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
Construction Materials, Inc.
Contractors Materials Company
Coral Steel Company
Corrosion Resistant Reinforcing
Dalco Industries, Inc.
D'Ambra Construction Corp.
Dimension Fabricators, Inc.
Drake-Williams Steel, Inc.
Epoxy Interest Group of CRSI
Farwest Steel Corporation
Farwest Steel Reinforcing Company
Gerdau Reinforcing Steel
HarMac Rebar & Steel Corporation
Harris Arizona Rebar
Harris Consolidated Rebar
Harris Rebar
Harris Rebar ABCO Inc.
Harris Rebar Fresno Inc.
Harris Rebar Jackson
Harris Rebar New Mexico, Inc.
Harris Rebar North Carolina
Harris Rebar Nufab 
Harris Rebar Salt Lake, Inc.
Harris Rebar Seattle, Inc.
Harris Rebar Winnipeg
Harris Salinas Rebar
Heritage Steel Sales Ltd.
J. M. Ahle Co., Inc.
JD Steel Company, Inc.
JMS Rebar Inc.
Katy Steel Co.
Klein Reinforcing Services
Knife River - Rebar
Lloyd Rebar Company
Magnolia Steel Co., Inc.
McNish Steel Ltd.
Men of Steel Rebar Fabricators LLC
Mid States Rebar and Supply, Inc.
MMFX Steel Corporation of America
MMFX Steel Technologies-A Commercial Metals Company
MMFX Technologies Corporation
MMI of Kentucky
Morse Steel Service
Ocean Steel Rebar Limited 
Pacific Steel Group
Palmetto State Steel Company
Precision Rebar & Accessories, Inc.
Puget Sound Steel
Quality Reinforcing Inc.
R & R Rebar Fabricators, Inc.
Rebar Engineering, Inc.
Rebarfab, Inc.
rebars & mesh, inc.
Re-Steel (Corrosion Control)
Re-Steel Supply Co., Inc.
Re-Steel Supply Co., Inc. - New England
Re-Steel Supply Co., Inc. - West Virginia
Salit Specialty Rebar
Simcote, Inc.
Simpson Reinforcing, Inc.
Sioux City Foundry
South Pacific Steel Corp.
Stantru Reinforcing Steel
Steel Mountain Fabricators, LLC
Steel Response LLC
Steelcorp Incorporated
Strand Metals Service, Inc.
Suburban Steel Supply
Teton Steel
The Conco Companies
Thompson Materials Corp.
Titusville Fabricators, Inc.
Trowbridge Steel Co., Inc.
Tyler Reinforcing LLC
Upland Contracting, Inc.
Upstate Rebar LLC
Van Laan Construction Supply
Victory Steel Co., Inc.
Wayne Brothers, Inc.
Western Coating, Inc.
Western Rebar, Inc.
Whaling City Iron Co.
Whitacre Engineering Company