CRSI offers guide publications in several categories for students and practicing professionals. From FREE Technical Notes and More for immediate download to CRSI’s popular titles for purchase, each is the product of industry-leading expertise and project experience.

Technical Notes  

Covering topics in architecture, structural engineering and construction, CRSI Technical Notes (formerly known as Engineering Data Reports, or EDR’s) provide valuable insight and solutions for today's challenges. Categorized by (Structural) Engineering, Construction and Architectural. Technical Notes are FREE to download and are updated frequently.

Additional FREE downloadable information is also presented. Download complimentary case history reports and informational brochures.

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Design and Field Guides  

In depth guidance, these guides provide detailed information and are frequent companions to CRSI's popular technical webinars. These guides replace the CRSI Design Handbook and are appropriate for both students and professionals.

Jobsite references from CRSI have been popular for many years. In-the-field reinforcing placement and inspection guides, bar cards and pocket references provide convenient answers to common issues.

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Shop CRSI  

Find printed versions and hardcopies of our current publications for purchase in our webstore. All the industry-trusted resources you have come to rely upon to get the job done... all the reference and field materials for your steel reinforced concrete construction project.

Prefer a downloadable PDF? Our flagship publications are also available as "stamped" PDFs in the CRSI webstore. This type of social digital rights management adds the purchasers name and email address to the PDF to deter unauthorized file sharing. 

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