Interest groups operate within the charter of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute.


Epoxy Interest Group (EIG)

In March 2008, a new group was formed within CRSI. The Epoxy Interest Group (EIG) of CRSI promotes and markets fusion bonded epoxy coated steel bars (FBECR) and creates awareness and interest in epoxy coated reinforcing steel and its important benefits for DOT's, engineering specifiers and contractors.


Independent Fabricators Interest Group (IFIG)

The Independent Fabricator Interest Group (IFIG) was established in 2010 with the goal of strengthening the business operations and competitiveness of independent fabricators. To accomplish this, the IFIG exists to facilitate peer-to-peer discussions among independent fabricators; to promote and develop best practices in the industry; and, to foster innovation among independents and the industry as a whole. The IFIG meetings are for members only, with guests invited from time to time.

IFIG members can log into their private microsite/blog here.


Installer Interest Group (IIG)

The Installers Interest Group (IIG) was formed by the CRSI executive Committee in April 2009. The purpose of the Installer Interest Group (IIG) is to offer a forum for CRSI members who place reinforcing steel in the field to address issues important to their portion of the reinforcing supply chain and develop committees with the organization to address the issues raised.