Custom License Quantities for Publications

What is a CRSI Digital License (DL)?

The way our digital publications work is the distribution will be controlled by the purchaser’s CRSI account. Once the purchase has been made, the purchaser will receive a confirmation and link to access the publication. That link can be shared with anyone! When the publication is accessed for the first time by a user’s web browser, it will count against the license allotment. The shareable link can also be found in the purchaser’s CRSI user account. There is no PDF or other file to house or share from a network library/file server. 

If, eventually, you reach the license limit and you’ve had employees leave the organization or that no longer require access, please let us know and we can reset the authentication and make the license available again.

How do I view the digital publication?

Users view the publication on their web browser as opposed to unlocking/opening a file. The publication can be bookmarked like a website so it’s quickly accessible and can always be viewed offline. Licenses are authenticated by the browser ID (similar to an IP address or operating system ID). Please note CRSI digital publications that are also available in hardcopy format (which is nearly all our publications for purchase) do not allow printing.

How do I get a price quote for a specific quantity?

Our pricing model is the first publication license is considered regular price (non-member/member), then any subsequent number of licenses is approximately 60% off. Therefore, a five-license purchase for the Design Guide on the ACI 318 Building Code Requirements would be $519.95 (plus tax). We can accommodate nearly any quantity but try to keep it to lots of five (after the default options of one or three). Licensing over 100 will automatically receive Member pricing, which can be nearly 50% off with some publications. Please contact Dave Mounce for a quote.