Technical Publications

CRSI has been building and expanding its knowledge base of industry construction guidelines for more than 80 years. Structural design engineers and construction professionals have come to rely upon CRSI publications as standards in the industry. The CRSI Design Handbook, Manual of Standard Practice and Placing Reinforcing Bars are recognized as the most authoritative guides for steel reinforced concrete solutions.

CRSI offers many FREE technical publications for download. Many of these documents are developed by CRSI's technical committees and provides clarification and best practices on a variety of design and construction topics. Our popular Technical Notes is a perfect example of such information.

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Must-Have Resources

CRSI Design Handbook (Purchase Publication, myCRSI)
The Handbook has been the reference book for cast-in-place reinforced concrete design since 1952. The entire publication is updated to include the Unified Design concepts presented in ACI 318-08, Section 10.3 and load factors in Section 9.2.
CRSI Manual of Standard Practice (Purchase Publication, myCRSI)
CRSI's Manual of Standard Practice is the definitive source of information about reinforcing bar sizes, technical specifications, bar markings, and other essential information about specifying, estimating, detailing fabricating, and placing reinforcing bars.
Placing Reinforcing Bars (Purchase Publication, myCRSI)
This unique and popular book presents the best accepted current practices in placing reinforcing bars. It is written for apprentices, journeymen ironworkers and inspectors. Definitive resource for preparing provisions in project ­specifications.
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