Inherently Fire Resistant

Cast-in-place reinforced concrete is one of the most fire-resistive building materials available. It simply will not burn. Other fire-resistant benefits include:

  • No additional costly fireproofing materials are needed
  • Connections are not vulnerable to fire
  • Firewalls can contain the fires
  • Reinforced concrete is readily repairable
  • Lower insurance rates are possible

The following CRSI resources are helpful in learning more about the fire-resistive properties of reinforced concrete — and how to design a reinforced concrete building to be fire resistant.


Must-Have Resources

Reinforced Concrete Fire Resistance  

This book presents a concise summary of available information on fire resistance of reinforced concrete. It provides practical step-by-step examples and analytical methods for prediction of structural fire ratings of buildings. Seventy-one fire tests of reinforced concrete flexural members and floor systems are summarized in this publication.

Engineering Data Report (EDR) 52: Fire Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Buildings  

Reinforced concrete buildings are inherently fire resistant. This report focuses on the design methodologies for fire resistance and the properties of a well-designed reinforced concrete structure that make it fire resistant.